Geographical Location

Situated on the northern part of the province of Bulacan, the Municipality of San Rafael
is bounded by two provinces, Quezon and Pampanga.  Its land area is 16,525 hectares making
it the third largest municipality in the province of Bulacan.  It consists of 34 barangays
with the southernmost barangay only 53 kilometers north of Manila.  Its geographical position
to the nation’s premier city makes it an ideal site for the establishment and development of
industrial complexes.

San Rafael is predominantly an agricultural town, and its major crop is rice which accounts for
the bulk of the people’s income, its secondary crops include corn, root crops, fruits, like mangoes
and vegetables.  Livestock and poultry production are the other agricultural activities in the
municipality.  The majority of the town’s population derives their income from agriculture.

The elements required for accelerating economic development are present in San Rafael, such as
the establishment of small and bid industries in line with the program of the national government for
the dispersal of industries outside of a 50 kilometer radius from Manila.  Its location, topography
and other land features contribute to this potential.  This will mean increased economic activities
in the town and better employment opportunities and economic status of the town’s people.  This is
also one of the measures that will lay the groundwork for increased commercial, industrial and social
activities in the municipality similar to those of Baliuag, the town adjacent to the south.

San Rafael will have a wider development overview in the future if only its potentials and available
resources can be tapped, develop and maintained in a systematic manner such as, what may be expected when
an overall development is formulated and set into motion.  It is also a potential tourist destination. 
The Malangaang Caves at Tukod, the San Rafael Church, the after bay Dam regulator, the San Rafael Retreat Farm,
the Eight Waves Water Park resort with its swimming pools, conference rooms and overnight suites, and other
resorts are among its potential tourist’s attractions.  Altogether, the situation in San Rafael promises
a bright future in relation to overall development.