Number of Health Personnel- Municipal Health Center
Number of Personnel  San Rafael Community Hospital Municipal Health Center
Physician  2 2
Dentist  1 1
Medical Technologist 1 1
Nurse 3 3
Nursing Attendant 2 1
Midwife 6 16
Security Guard 1 0
Messenger/Utility Worker  2 0
Driver 2 1
Laborer 5 3
Sanitary Inspector   2

(*Data Source- HRMO)

Name Location Contact Person / Designation

Violago Clinic

Cruz na Daan, SRB

Dr. Monina de Guzman

Pulo Medical Clinic

Pulo, SRB

Dr. Jonathan Go

Children’s Medical Clinic

San Roque,SRB

Dr. Ramon delos Reyes

Veneracion Clinic

Maguinao, SRB

Dr. Veneracion

Manipula Pediatric Clinic

Poblacion, SRB

Dr. Jorge Manipula

Nacion Clinic

Poblacion, SRB

Dr. Alan Jeffrey C. Nacion

Mun. Health Center

Poblacion, SRB

Dr. Yolanda E. Sebastian

Cruz na Daan Health Center

Cruz na Daan, SRB

Dr. Sadam


The uplifting of the living condition of the poor segment of society and providing them the opportunities
needed to develop their maximum capabilities for self reliance and to enable them to participate in national
development are the very main reasons why social welfare program services are so vital in the community. 
In San Rafael these programs and services are being rendered by the Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and
Development (MSWDO).

The MSWDO has at present one (1) MSWDO Officer, 2 Social Welfare Staff and thirty five (35) Day Care
Workers.  The increase need of the people on welfare services additional social welfare workers are needed