Peace and Order

Police and Fire department services play vital roles in providing and maintaining peace and order for
all sectoral groups of the community.

At present, the existing police force numbering to thirty (30) policemen safe guarded the people. 
The police population ratio is 1:10,000 which means that for every 10,000 population, there is one (1) policeman
to protect them.  The present PNP Headquarters is located at the side of the municipal building and a
sub station located at Barangay Cruz na Daan.  Both stations are equipped with hand radio, TV, typewriters,
computer and two mobile cars.

Aside from the existing force there is also the presence of barangay tanods totaling to five hundred eight
(508) distributed in different barangays.  These greatly contribute in the maintenance of peace and order

The Fire Department is manned by five (5) fire crews and two (2) casuals.  They are equipped with
one (1) fire truck and accessories

The Municipal PNP should purchase more modern equipment and additional patrol vehicles for its police force
in order to maintain a peaceful and orderly situation.  He different council such as Municipal Peace and
Order Committee, DILG CAAG, MADAC/BADAC should be mobilizing to assist in the prevention and control of crime