The transport system in San Rafael is presently provided with a land transport network, consisting of
major trunk lines and arterial roads.  From the Central Business District (CBD) to the barangays,
jeeps and tricycles are used to serve the riding public.  The Baliuag Transit Incorporated have terminal
here at Sampaloc, San Rafael, Bulacan with routes NIM-NE, Isabela and Cagayan Province

The present total road networks of 395.795 kilometers are classified into National Road with 18.00 km.
concrete road, Provincial Road a 32.50 km concrete.

Municipal Road 27.36 km concrete and 27.30 km concrete, gravel 0.06 and the barangay road 261.94 km concrete
and 50.00 km of gravel and sand.  The eleven concrete bridges are found in the municipality and 3 steel


At present, postal delivery is made by the Philippine Postal office.  There are two (2) postal
offices.  The transit or the Head Office is located near the municipal building and the postal station
is located at Cruz na Daan.

The head office is being manned by two (2) Postmasters one at the Head Office and one at the Postal Station
at Cruz na Daan, two (2) Post Office, three (3) mail sorters five (5) mail carriers.  On the other hand,
the postal station is equipped with 5 motorcycles

The average per month volume of domestic out-going mail is 4,400.  The average per month domestic
incoming mail is 10,500.  Foreign mail out-going 3,300 and incoming foreign mail is 6,600.

Telegraph office is located at Poblacion, it is being handled by a telegraph operator, who is at the same
time, the messenger.

The telephone service is provided by Digitel, and PLDT catering domestic and international lines. 
We have also UHF Flex (2) is available at the Municipal Building. Others use their personal cellular
phones.  Area coverage wise, the service has improved steadily.