Protective Services

Police Services

# Station Name/ Office Category Police Forces Patrol Vehicles Other Equipment/ Remarks Contact Person Contact Numbers Location Barangay
1. Cruz Na Daan Police Sub-Station 19 3 Motorcycle, 3 Vios Hilux 2 CCTV monitor 1 Handled radio 10 Portable radio PSI Mark Anthony L. San Pedro 0943-2886603 Cagayan Valley Road Cruz Na Daan
2. PCP Poblacion Police Sub-Station 5 1 Mobile L 300 1 Handheld Radio PSI Wilfredo Y. Dizon, Jr. 0933-3830696 Poblacion Poblacion
3. San Rafael MPS Annex Police Sub-Station 7 1 Handheld radio PSI Mark Anthony L. San Pedro Sampaloc Sampaloc
4. San Rafael Police Station Municipal/City Police Station 27 1 Motorcycle, 2 Navara, 2 Vios 1 Handheld radio PSupt Laurente A. Acquiot 0927-2951508 Sampaloc Sampaloc


Fire Protection Services

Item Description/ Value
No. of Firemen : 9
No. of Fire Truck : 4
Other Firefighting Equipments : Fire truck and completed accessories/radio Communication
Contact Person/ Designation : SINSP. FRANCISCO E. DE JESUS JR.
Contact Numbers : 761-5562/ 0917-2060766
Remarks : The Bureau of fire department has a complete facilities for the convenience and effectiveness of firemen to provide public service to their community.