Every year, the municipality celebrates its Angel Festival in honor of their patron saint, Saint Raphael,the highlight of the celebration is  the Angel Festival, which attracts many tourists every year. It is a colorful celebration in honor of St. Raphael, one of the Seven Archangels. This is held every 29th of September.

The celebration is  highlighted by a parade or street dance participated by children from the public and private schools in San Rafael. More than a thousand children in angel costumes in the street make it look like heaven has come down to the town of San Rafael. This is followed by an interpretative dancing competition (showdown) by all participant schools. as an incentive to the participants, the municipality earmarks funds for the children’s costumes and prizes for the winners in the competition. The funds are appropriated from the Tourism Development Program of the municipality. The Angel Festival was started last September 29, 2002 through the initiative of the San Juan de Dios Parish and the San Rafael Tourism Council.